How To Publish Your Show On Apple, Spotify, Google, And More

A successful podcast hinges on its availability and accessibility. In this article, we’ll help you and your team ensure your podcast is available across various listening platforms, so your listeners can tune in on their favorite listening app.

First things first, you will need the following assets:

  1. CoHost account
  2. Email address specific to the show you’re launching (preferably a podcast-specific Gmail account)
  3. Apple ID, Spotify account, and Amazon account linked to the Gmail address mentioned above
  4. Compelling show description (no more than 5 sentences)
  5. Show title
  6. Show cover art (3000 x 3000 px)
  7. Show trailer or first episode
  8. Trailer or first episode title and description

For more details about how to ensure your podcast is available on all listening apps, check out our blog. 

Step One: Set up distribution networks

  1. Create a new email specific to the podcast. If it requires a phone number, choose yourself or someone who works on the podcast as it will be much easier to access the two-factor authentication later on.
  2. Set up your CoHost account (either contact support to set it up for you, add a new show from your existing account, or use our join link here). 
  3. Create an Apple ID with your new email address. Choose the same phone number that you linked to the Google account so it’s easy to remember. 
  4. Create a Spotify For Podcasters account with your new email address.
  5. Create a new Amazon account with your new email address.

Step Two: Publish your trailer or first episode

Once you've set up your CoHost account, publish your trailer or first episode!

Our team suggests publishing a trailer as they are a great testing ground for publication, “soft launch” your show or season, and help generate buzz and engagement before your show officially airs. On average, it takes 48-72 hours for a new show to be approved by the listening apps and go live.

To learn more about podcast trailers and why we suggest having one, read our full article.

Step Three: Submit Your Show

Below we dive into some of the major platforms we suggest ensuring your show is on. We’ve also put together a complete list of podcast directories for you to consult.

Major Platforms

Apple Podcasts

  • Make sure you have your show’s Apple ID handy.
  • Go to Podcasts Connect
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password
  • Click the "+" button at the top left
  • Choose "Add a show with an RSS feed"
  • Go to "Distribution" in CoHost and copy your RSS feed
  • Paste your CoHost RSS feed into Apple
  • Wait a few minutes for Apple to load your show, then click "Submit" in the top right corner
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Apple that your podcast has been submitted

YouTube Podcasts (Formally Google Podcasts)

  • Login to YouTube Studio
  • Select Create > New podcast
  • A dialog will pop up allowing you to either create a podcast, set an existing playlist as a podcast, or submit your RSS feed 
  • Select Submit RSS feed and you'll be guided through the upload process


  • Make sure you have your Spotify login handy.
  • Go to Spotify For Podcasters and click “Get Started”
  • Enter your account username and password
  • In the left side bar click "Add or claim podcast"
  • Walk through the steps provided

Amazon Music

  • Head over to Amazon Podcasters
  • Go to “Add or Claim Your Podcast”
  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Walk through the steps prompted

Additional Platforms


  • Go to Pandora AMP Playbook and select “get started”
  • Copy and paste your RSS feed where it prompts you 
  • Fill out the prompts provided



  • Head over to Deezer Podcasters
  • Click “Publish My Podcast”
  • Walk through the prompts provided


  • If you submit your show on Apple, once approved, it will show up on Overcast automatically.

Pocket Casts

  • Head over to this link
  • Copy and paste your CoHost RSS feed
  • Click “Public”
  • Press “Submit”



  • Head over to JioSaavn
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Follow the instructions provided

Podcast Addict


  • Check out the list of instructions directly from Castbox here

Listen Notes


  • Create a Podchaser Account here.
  • Add your podcast to Podchaser here.

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