Trailers: Best Practice Guide

Podcast trailers are a great way to promote a new show or season, test publication times, and gain more subscribers. In this article, we will lay out why your show should have a trailer and the best practices of creating one.

Benefit #1: Approval times

When you submit your show to the listening platforms for the first time, it can take up to 72 hours or more for your show to be approved and go live. If you submit your show with a trailer, then you can consider it a ‘soft launch’, meaning that you can submit your show well in advance of any promotional activities.

Benefit #2: Additional promotion

Whether you are starting from scratch or launching a new season, a trailer is a great way to give your listeners a preview of your future content and let them know when to tune back in.

Best practices:

  1. Keep your trailer under 6 minutes. The shorter the better to increase listener engagement.
  2. Use sound design. The most engaging trailers use sound design to build excitement for the content that is being presented to listeners.
  3. Add a call to action. Make sure to tell your listeners when they can expect the first episode of your show or new season to drop. That way, they know when they should tune back in.
  4. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. Even if you add the call to action above, most listeners won’t mark the date in their calendars. Make sure to tell them to subscribe to your show so your latest episodes will arrive automatically.
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