Podcast Trailers: Best Practice Guide

Podcast trailers are a great way to promote a new show or show season; however, boosting subscriptions is only part of the benefit. In this article, we will lay out why your show should have a trailer and the best practices for creating one. 

What are podcast trailers?

A podcast trailer is a short promotional audio clip or episode that introduces listeners to a new podcast series or provides a preview of upcoming episodes. Similar to a movie trailer, its purpose is to generate interest, set expectations, and entice potential listeners to subscribe to the podcast. 

Benefit #1: Approval times

When you submit your show to the listening platforms for the first time, it can take 72 hours or more for them to approve your show and launch your first episode. If you submit your show with a trailer, then you can conduct a ‘soft launch’, meaning that you can submit your show well in advance of any promotional activities. 

Benefit #2: Additional promotion

Podcast trailers can be shared across various channels like social media and newsletters to promote your podcast. Trailers provide a concise and shareable introduction to your podcast, making it easier for listeners to discover and spread the word about your upcoming series. 

Benefit #3: Set expectations and establish brand identity: 

Through a trailer, you can communicate the tone, style, and themes of your podcast, helping to set clear expectations for your audience. It's an opportunity to establish your brand identity and differentiate your podcast from others in your niche and the crowded audio landscape.

Benefit #4: Generate interest before your show even launches

A well-crafted podcast trailer can persuade listeners to subscribe to your podcast before it officially launches. By providing highlights and enticing snippets of your content, podcast trailers act as a hook to capture audience interest and encourage them to stay tuned for future episodes. 

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Best practices for creating podcast trailers:

  1. Keep your trailer under 5 minutes: The shorter the better here to increase listener engagement. 
  2. Start with a hook: Begin your trailer with an attention-grabbing hook or teaser that captivates the listener's interest right from the beginning. This can be a question, bold statement, or captivating snippet from one of your future episodes.
  3. Showcase what makes your podcast unique: Clearly communicate what sets your podcast apart from others. Highlight the unique value proposition or the main themes and topics that your podcast will cover.
  4. Set expectations: Communicate what listeners can expect from your podcast in terms of content, frequency of episodes, and format. Manage expectations about the length, tone, and style of your episodes.
  5. Use sound design: Ensure that your trailer is professionally produced with clear audio quality and appropriate music or sound effects. Pay attention to pacing, volume levels, and overall audio balance.
  6. Add a call to action: Make sure to tell your listeners when they can expect the first episode of your show or new season to drop. That way, they know when they should tune back in. 
  7. Encourage listeners to subscribe:  Even if you add the call to action above, most listeners won’t mark the date in their calendars. Make sure to tell them to subscribe to your show so your latest episodes will arrive automatically. 

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