How To Use CoHost Tracking Links

Ready to gain visibility into which of your podcast promotions are performing the best? Follow these instructions to help you get started with CoHost Tracking Links.

Creating Your First Tracking Link

1) Head over to "Tracking Links" on the left hand side bar. 

2) Add in the links to your show page on the listening apps of your choice. 

3) Your first tracking link will be created for your overall show. 

Creating Your Next Tracking Link

1) Head over to "Tracking Links" on the left hand side bar. 

2) Click "Create a tracking link" on the top right of your library. 

3) Choose whether you would like to promote your entire show or a specific episode. 

Keep in mind that if you can only promote episodes that have already been published. 

4) Choose a name for your link. This will show up in your link analytics to help you track performance. 

5) Add links for each of the listening apps you would like to direct your listeners to. 

Remember to grab the episode specific link on each of the listening apps if you are promoting a specific episode. 

6) Click "Create link" 

7) Copy your link from the modal provided OR from your link library. 

8) Easily edit your link by clicking the pencil button. 

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