What Are CoHost Tracking Links?

With CoHost Tracking Links, measure which marketing channels drive downloads and which ones don’t with our click-to-download analytics. 

CoHost Tracking Links direct listeners to the listening apps of your choice and track both the clicks and downloads your podcast received from the places you promoted your link. For example, if you post your link on Facebook and Twitter, CoHost tracks how many clicks and downloads came from each of the platforms. 

Easily make a CoHost Tracking Link for each of your podcast episodes.

Why should I use CoHost Tracking Links?

CoHost Tracking Links help you keep track of which marketing channels are the most effective for your podcast. By understanding which channels gain the most clicks and downloads, you can see where you should be focusing more of your effort, saving you time and money. 

How can I use CoHost Tracking Links?

As we outlined above, use tracking links to measure your click-to-downloads from marketing channels. This will inform you which channels you should invest in and which ones aren’t resonating with your audience. 

Tip: Create separate links to give to your guests so you can measure how many episode downloads your guests bring in by promoting on their channels. 

Where can I find CoHost Tracking Links?

Simply log in to your CoHost account and head to “Tracking Links” in your sidebar. Once there, click “Create tracking link”. All tracking links you create will live on this page. Additionally, you can edit the design of your tracking link landing page here by clicking “Design”. You can change the background color, font color, and font. 

To measure the performance of your tracking links, click on the “Analytics” dropdown in your sidebar and head to “Link Analytics”. Here, you’ll find a summary of tracking link performance as well as individual link performance. 

Here’s how CoHost Tracking Links Works

To learn more about using CoHost Tracking Links, head to our how-to guide

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