7 Day Downloads: What Are They And Why Do They Matter?

What are 7 day downloads?

7-day downloads are a commonly used metric to measure the success of a particular episode within the first week it is published. As you might have guessed by the name, it accounts for the total number of plays that an episode has had within 7 days.

Why do 7 day downloads matter?

7-day downloads are a great way to internally benchmark your episode launch performance. For example, if the first episode you published had 200 total 7-day downloads and you’ve put a few marketing resources behind it, you can use that as a benchmark for where your second episode should land. If the second episode you published only got 100 downloads, it’s worth exploring why a lower download count occurred. Did you use additional promotional channels for your first episode? Was your social media following more excited about the initial launch of your show?

Whatever theories you have, consider how you can implement improvements to your next episode launch. By doing this each time you release an episode, eventually through trial and error, you will get to the heart of what works for your audience.

Where to find 7 day downloads in CoHost

CoHost shows 7 day downloads in our dashboard summary or in the analytics centre under "downloads".

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