What Is The Difference Between Migrated And CoHost Data?

If you’ve migrated your show from a different hosting provider and the CoHost team has carried over your data, then you may have noticed that we break down your episode performance by migrated vs CoHost collected data.

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What Is Migrated Data?

Migrated data is the data that we added to your CoHost account from your previous hosting provider. Based on the data that we receive, you will see migrated data populated on the episode chart in the downloads page and if your previous hosting provider collected it, the episodes chart in the unique listeners page.

What is CoHost data?

CoHost data is the data that we collect about your podcast from your CoHost RSS feed. We add this to your migrated data in your total show data and episode data to give you a holistic view of your show's performance. However, since the audience profile page is proprietary to CoHost, we only use CoHost collected data on that page.

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