How To Set Up A 301 Redirect

What is a 301 Redirect?

301 redirects give you the ability to transfer your show from one RSS feed to another. It tells listening apps that your feed has been moved so there aren't any interruptions when publishing from your new hosting provider.

Similar to moving from one home to another, you need to notify people that your address has changed. A  301 redirect acts the same way by telling the listening apps that moving forward, your show will be available at a new RSS feed.

How to set up a 301 Redirect to CoHost:

Your 301 redirect needs to be added to your old hosting provider and can only be done after your show has been imported to CoHost. Make sure to do this prior to publishing any new episodes on CoHost.

  1. Log into your old hosting provider account
  2. Add your CoHost RSS feed to the 301 redirect tab
  3. If you do not see a redirect tab, contact your old hosting provider for support.
    1. Subject Line: 301 Redirect
    2. Body: Hi there, I would like to redirect my podcast to a different hosting provider. Here is my new RSS feed: Insert CoHost RSS feed.

Worried About Your Data?

Contact to migrate your show's data from your old hosting platform to CoHost.

How to set up a 301 Redirect from CoHost:

  1. Log in to your CoHost account
  2. Go to "Distribution" on the right hand side bar
  3. Click "Redirect RSS feed"

4. Follow the steps as necessary. 

5. Pro Tip - Make sure to export your data from the Analytics pages to ensure you have it moving forward! 

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