How To Embed Podcast Players On Your Website

What is an embedded podcast player? 

An embedded podcast player is a digital tool that allows you to integrate a podcast directly onto your website, enabling visitors to listen to episodes without leaving your site. This seamless integration enhances user experience by providing immediate access to your audio content, encouraging longer visit durations and deeper engagement with your brand. 

With customizable design options in CoHost, tailor your embedded player to match your branding. 

1. Head over to your episode library by clicking "Episodes" in the left sidebar.

2. Navigate to the episode you would like to embed on your website. 

3. Click on the name of the episode card. You will be taken to the "View Episode" page.

4. Click "Copy Embed Code"

5. Choose the type of player you would like to embed in the top left. Customize the background color, font, and font color.

6. Press "Copy" underneath the embed code.

7. Head to your website editor.

8. Paste the embed code in the HTML embed field on the page of your choice.

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