Why You Should Transcribe Podcast Episodes

At CoHost, transcriptions are a piece of content that we encourage everyone to use. There are a variety of benefits you and your podcast will receive when you decide to transcribe your episodes.

Here are a few:

1. SEO

Transcriptions improve the SEO of your podcast on listening apps and your podcast’s website/landing page. 

Search engines don’t track text on PDFs, so to get the full impact of optimization, publish your transcript directly on the landing page. Similar to how blogs are formatted, have the transcript be a clickable element on the landing page that takes the visitor to a dedicated transcript page.

When optimizing your transcript, remember not to keyword stuff. Instead, select one or two keywords for your transcription that you’ll use throughout the headers and titles. If it’s the topic of your episode, the keyword will naturally appear within your content since you most likely said it during the podcast. 

Lastly, ensure that you’re using headers throughout the transcription. Separate different sections or conversations with a header, not only makes it more readable for users, but Google also enjoys pieces of content that have strategic and relevant headers. 

Learn more about how to optimize your podcast’s SEO across listening apps and websites.

2. Accessibility

Using podcast transcriptions makes your content more accessible to individuals. For those who are hard of hearing, a podcast transcription might be the only way for them to digest and interact with your content. 

3. Variety of content 

As mentioned above, transcriptions offer another medium for listeners to interact with your podcast content. Maybe some of your listeners will use the transcription in tangent with your audio or they’ll rotate between the two. Either way, having multiple types of content to provide your audience with is never a bad thing. 

4. Content repurposing

The more quality content the better – that’s why 94% of marketers repurpose their content. Written content is much easier to repurpose than audio, so we suggest repurposing your podcast transcriptions for social media posts, newsletters segments, blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, and however else you see fit. 

If you’re interested in learning more about content repurposing and how AI can help you repurpose your podcast content in a fraction of the time, check out our blog article. 

CoHost’s Automatic Transcriptions:

To help make transcribing your podcast as easy as possible, CoHost’s Automatic Transcriptions allows you to transcribe your podcast at no extra cost and without any extra tools, empowering you to create additional content to share across channels and maximize the reach of your podcast content.

Here are a few more stand-out characteristics:

  • AI-powered transcriptions: We provide transcriptions in under 3 minutes and with 95-99% accuracy
  • Simple content management: Edit your speakers and text directly in CoHost, save your transcriptions as drafts, and download them as a Word file when you’re ready
  • Timestamp tagging: CoHost's transcription tool automatically tags time stamps, making it easier for listeners and readers to navigate the content. This feature is handy when referencing a particular part of the podcast.
  • Direct website publishing: We can automatically publish transcriptions to your CoHost website or download them as a Word file

Where to find CoHost’s Automatic Transcriptions:

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