What Is Audience Profile And How Do I Use It?

What is "Audience Profile"? 

Your audience profile can be found in the analytics section of CoHost. It breaks down your audience behaviour by showing you which listening apps and browsers they are using, the time of day they're tuning into your show, and where they're located in the world.

How to use Audience Profile:

1) Inform your promotional tactics. 

Knowing where your audience is listening can help you better promote it. For example, if you know the majority of your audience listens on Apple, prioritize sharing those links in your promotion.

2) Time your releases. 

Use the time of day chart to better pinpoint when your audience wants to listen to your show. 

3) Tailor your ads.

If you're advertising your show on Spotify, Podcast Addict, or Castbox, tailor the ads to your show's most popular locations. 

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