What Are Podcast Downloads vs. Unique Downloads?

Downloads vs. Unique Downloads

Your podcast downloads are the overall number of downloads or listens that your podcast or episode has had. This means that if one individual listens to your podcast twice, it’ll count two downloads. 

Your podcast’s unique listeners are the number of downloads or listens you have by only counting each time a listener has tuned in as one download. So if a listener has listened to your podcast twice, it would only count it as one download. 

Why is it Relevant? 

It’s important to monitor the difference between your downloads and unique listeners. If your downloads are extremely high but your unique downloads are much less, this means that you have listeners that are listening to your episodes multiple times (which is great!) but you may not have as large of an audience as you think. 

Overall, your unique listeners give you a much truer picture of your audience size.

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